Tourism in New Caledonia

New Caledonia offers something really special for the adventure-oriented traveler - something you won't find in other Pacific Islands - and something getting very hard to find anywhere on the planet.

Clean, clear, rivers cascading through mountain valleys. There are places where you can walk for hours without seeing anyone at all. Wilderness areas studded with orchids, exotic plants, great walking trails all blessed with no snakes or angry animals.

How rare is that?

The really interesting thing about enjoying these rivers is that you can do it for free or you can pay a minor camping fee for a campsite that has running water and toilets and shelters and picnic areas. Or you can live it up and stay in a local home-stay or in a small cottage-style resort and zoom out over excellent roads to great walking trails and water holes. You can even stay in a 5 star resort if you want, and hire a professional guide to take you to the hidden beauties of New Caledonia.

If you want to know more about New Caledonia, check out the tourism guide to New Caledonia that my wife Frederique and I create.


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