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The Feral Cat's Snipe hunt

The Feral Cat's Snipe hunt :-)
Episode 3 of the Incredible Feral Cat caper.
Click here if you missed Episode 1 or Episode 2

At the end of October 2017 the Moira returned to what we are now calling le Baie des Chats with a good stock canned and crunchy style cat food. The idea was that the cats would first feast on the yummy canned food they prefer then clean their teeth by crunching on the tasty little pellets.

The very first thing we noticed when we fed Liane and Keanu on our return was that Liane was no longer pregnant. As in, she'd had her kittens.

According to our veterinarian friend, Guy Kane, the kittens would be ready to leave their mom after about 3 months - mid January. The plan was to gather them up and Guy would find nice homes for them in Noumea. After all, we can't have a population explosion of cats here. For one thing, the  cat food was already costing us about $2.50 a day.

The other surprise on our return was the appearance of a third cat; an extremely fe…

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